When a 217-year-old Cambridge University college needed maintenance to more than 1,000 sliding sash windows, it goes without saying that the correct choice of specialist materials was an essential element.

That choice in the case of Downing College was the Restoration Paint (11-0050) from Mighton Ankerstuy, a range specifically designed for maintaining and restoring the exterior of timber doors and windows.

The paint is waterborne and quick drying, so it can be applied in multiple coats in a single working day. Its low-odour formulation means it can be used in close proximity to a building’s occupants, so the contract could be carried out while the college was in normal use.

Mighton Technical Consultant Graham Avery added that it will not ‘block’ when the college’s classical sash windows are opened and closed, and it exhibits good gap and crack filling characteristics where the timber substrate may show signs of ageing.

He continued: “It can also be expected to retain its appearance and protective qualities for up to ten years, which helps to control the cost as well as the visual disruption of scaffolding, especially on a project of this scale.

Downing College, Cambridge, was founded in 1800 on the will of Sir George Downing, 3rd Baronet, from wealth accumulated by his grandfather the 1st Baronet who, among other things, gave his name to Downing Street in London.

Mighton Chairman Mike Derham concluded: “Downing College is one of the finest examples of classical sash windows in a large historic setting that can be seen anywhere in Britain. The contract makes the point perfectly that such restoration and maintenance work can only be carried out to the right standard by using specialist materials that were designed and formulated specifically for such an application.

“The Mighton Restoration Paint range has proved itself in many classical buildings over the years and we are very pleased that
Downing College is now one of them.”

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