industry accreditation


All our paint products, including our primers, undercoats and top coat systems, are certified by KOMO – widely regarded as the leading accreditation body in Europe for testing and accreditation of products for the construction industry.

KOMO accreditation is unlike CE marking and testing. CE marking is the EU regulation mandatory testing and
information related to a product label. CE marking is not a quality mark and only gives information on the so-called
‘general essential characteristics’ of a particular product, and does not have to cover all the needed characteristics
for use in specific situations.

KOMO certification is a quality mark and the accreditation is a highly trusted and respected international standard
that guarantees quality and safety, and ensures that all our paints are not only manufactured to the highest possible
standard but are also completely able to accomplish what they are designed to do.

> KOMO accreditation is a guarantee of quality and products are repeatedly assessed by independent industry experts

> KOMO accreditation clearly states the quality and fitness for use of each product

> KOMO is a member of the UEAtc: Union Européenne pour l’Agrément de Technique dans la Construction (European Union of Agreement for technical approval in construction)


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